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What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Now that the world is opening back up and summer is on its way, you’ll likely have a wedding or two to attend in the coming months. Other than adhering to the one fashion rule when it comes to weddings (no white), it can sometimes be difficult deciding what to wear.   Have no fear! […]

Summer Clothes Checklist

Summer is just around the corner, so now’s the perfect time to start stocking up on those summer essentials!   We take a look at those summer staples you should have in your closet come June!   Your Summer 2021 Clothing Checklist   Crop Top   Crop tops are the perfect combination of simple and […]

Cute Outfit Ideas For Spring

Spring has sprung! Gone are the days of bulky layers and trying to make your winter boots somehow go with every outfit.   Now that the flowers are beginning to poke up, let’s look at some outfit ideas that will erase any memory of winter.   Make the World Your Runway: Outfit Ideas For Spring […]

Rules For Cleaning Out Your Closet

Springtime is here once again, and millions of people will start cleaning out their homes to get ready for summer. There’s just something about the warm-weather seasons that do not match well with a cluttered home. This is when we clean out our living spaces, our bedrooms, and definitely our closets. The closet is that […]

What’s New In Men’s Fashion?

While men rely on the fundamentals for their fashion choices, it doesn’t mean that they should ignore trends. Going with trends can help you mix your personal style with something unique. This helps you stand out and create your own look. But what fashion trends should you be looking out for? 6 Top Men’s Fashion […]

Christmas Boutique Outfits For 2020

If you’re looking for Christmas outfit ideas, one of the best places to look is boutique stores. Boutique stores have many unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else, are often at the forefront of fashion trends, and carry clothing that fits well. Here are a few Christmas outfit ideas that you should consider. 1. Sweater […]

Boutique Winters Styles For The New Year

If you want distinctive, quality clothing that puts you on the cutting edge of fashion, then you should be shopping at boutiques. Just consider the boutique clothing trends you can expect to see when you shop this winter. Go Raggedy-Chic with Patchwork Patches were once a way to extend the life of old clothes. This […]

What Does Boutique Mean?

The world of fashion continues to grow and diversify with every passing day. In recent years, we have seen designs range from inflatable dresses to clothing made from 100% recycled or reused materials. But when it comes to boutique clothing online, there are still some mysteries and misconceptions afoot. Therefore, it is imperative that we […]

Best Layering Winter Outfits

The time for summer is over. All Canadians feel remorse deep in their hearts, knowing that the winter months are soon approaching. However, we are a strong and resilient people, which empowers us to look forward to the winter, rather than backwards to the summer. As a result, now is the time to begin our […]

Summer Fashion Tips for Women

The disparity between men and women’s clothing is quite large. Women have a massive selection of clothing to choose from and get the advantages of stylish cuts, colours, and fabrics. Overall, when you compare the variety in women’s clothing to men’s, there is no competition. However, this disparity is a boon for one side at […]