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What’s New In Men’s Fashion?

While men rely on the fundamentals for their fashion choices, it doesn’t mean that they should ignore trends. Going with trends can help you mix your personal style with something unique. This helps you stand out and create your own look. But what fashion trends should you be looking out for?

6 Top Men’s Fashion Trends 

1. Floral – A simple two to three color floral piece is a great way to be fashionable without going overboard. It can be anything from a dress shirt, shorts, or small accents. Just make sure you keep it understated. You can look for great pieces by visiting boutique clothing online stores as they often have unique selections.

2. Looser Fits – For a long time, the tight fit has been sought after for suits. But things are starting to relax a little bit. More men are opting for clothes that are a bit looser yet not too loose. It may not work for everyone, but it’s something you should definitely try out.

3. Outdoor and Urbanwear – More men are opting to wear pieces and accessories from the outdoor and urbanwear category. It adds a more casual and street style that looks great for regular outings. It also transitions well into an evening outfit if you paired all the pieces well.

4. Vertical Stripes – Some men like to avoid stripes altogether but this simple pattern can help you stand out whether it’s a more formal or casual outfit. It also looks great since it makes you appear slimmer and taller. When wearing stripes, it’s better to keep the colors simple. Visit boutique clothing online stores to find some great pieces.

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5. Oversized Outerwear- Long and roomy overcoats and longer parkas have been a fashion favorite in Asia. But this trend is becoming more popular in the West. Oversized outerwear works best when you combine multiple layers. It’s a combination of casual and cool.

6. Leather Jackets – It seems leather has taken a back seat over the last few decades. But it’s slowly making a comeback. You can’t go wrong with a sleek leather jacket. It’s a great piece that you can wear in the fall and early winter.

These are just some of the new trends in men’s fashion. Some of it is a throwback to the past while others are motivated for an improved casual look.

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