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What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Now that the world is opening back up and summer is on its way, you’ll likely have a wedding or two to attend in the coming months. Other than adhering to the one fashion rule when it comes to weddings (no white), it can sometimes be difficult deciding what to wear.


Have no fear! We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some options that will help you be the most stylish guest at any upcoming summer weddings.


Black Tie


Black tie weddings are one of the most formal when it comes to the dress code. This generally requires that ankles are covered, meaning a floor-length gown will best suit this situation. However, “formal” can vary from wedding to wedding, depending on the couple and the tone they set, so a more formal cocktail dress might work as well. If you’re unsure, it’s always better to overdress than underdress.


Selecting a maxi dress without any big patterns will likely be your safest bet, as louder prints sometimes photograph as more playful than the tone is meant to be. However, if you find a dress with a calmer or more elegant pattern that you think may work, don’t be afraid to go for it! 


Dresses not your vibe? A pantsuit works just as well, provided it looks formal enough.




Weddings with a cocktail dress code are usually a step above semi-formal. Maxi dresses are still allowed, provided they give off a slightly less formal vibe, but for the most part, midi dresses are the way to go. 

Wedding flower decor in the summer garden

Feel free to be more playful with your colours and prints here, while still being mindful of the formality of the event. Adding a slit or puff sleeves to your dress are fun ways to add a little personality without going into casual territory.


Again, if you’d rather not wear a dress, this would be the perfect opportunity to throw on a jumpsuit. These are still formal, provided the pants are full-length, yet not quite at the level of a pantsuit. 




Unless the wedding you are attending is in the country or country-themed, this generally does not mean that jeans are on the table. Rather, dress like you and your friends are planning a cute picnic dinner that has been taken straight out of a rom-com. 


Summer dresses with fun floral or polka dot prints would be a wonderful choice for informal weddings. These dresses can be shorter than black tie or cocktail weddings require. Throw on some wedges or cute sandals and you’ll be good to go.


An alternative for a dress is a shorts jumpsuit or a light trouser with a button-up tee.


We’ve been living in sweatpants for the past year, so it can be exciting to have an excuse to get glammed up. Enjoy wedding season while looking like a goddess!


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