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Timeless Fashion

Some things never go out of style! Shop Melrose & Co for the widest selection of business casual and everyday apparel. Find the perfect going-out look and the best business casual ensembles. We pride ourselves on being the perfect place to pick up everything you need for a brand new, head-to-toe look.

Fashion Never Felt So Good

We stand by our commitment to high-quality clothing. We want you to feel comfortable in clothes that fit well and are well-made. When selecting pieces to sell in our women’s clothing boutique, we consider the latest fashion trends in addition to the overall quality of materials and workmanship, specifically looking for clothes with a lining.
Women's Clothing Boutique Airdrie


Women's Clothing Boutique Airdrie


Women's Clothing Boutique Airdrie


Women's Clothing Boutique Airdrie


Find Your Style

Our team of fashion-driven individuals will work with you to find the best outfits for any occasion that fit both your taste and your budget. Our style experts are led by fashion manager and stylist, Christine, who has an extensive background in high-end fashion and a resume featuring Saks Fifth Avenue and Kate Spade. Christine can help you identify the clothes you can live with and those you can’t live without! Visit our boutique in Airdrie and book an appointment today!

About Melrose & Co

Melrose & Co, known locally as The Store Upstairs, began over 25 years ago. We’ve seen fashion trends come and go, but our mission has remained the same. We live out our goal of empowering women by providing upscale, high-end fashion that is well-made, proper-fitting, and versatile. Every outfit deserves that unique touch, and you can find it at Melrose & Co!


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