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The Lollia Experience

The Lollia Experience 

Ok, so it may not be new to all of you ladies, but I have just discovered the Lollia line of bath products.  This time of year I have had the toughest time getting a hand cream that will hydrate my dry hands.

Or, I find a hand cream that hydrates, it ends up being goopy and leaves a film on my hands and I’m afraid to shake anyone’s hand or touch anything for fear of slicking it with product.

Well, I tried the Lollia At Last nourishing Macadamia Nut & Avocado Oil hand creme and I was so happily surprised.  The texture of the product is light and creamy, hydrates my hands and doesn’t leave a greasy film.  The best part, however, is the beautiful sophisticated scent. 

The “At Last” line that is featured a bright yellow floral print, has a lovely luxurious bouquet, not overpowering like some bath lines can be, but enough of a scent that you know you are leaving behind a little memory of your presence once you leave a room, but not enough that anyone is really conscious of it.

The Lollia brand also carries an Eau de Parfum in the At Last scent.  Also light enough to wear all day, and sophisticated enough to become your new signature sent. 

Not surprising in my little bit of background research that I found Margot Elena’s Lollia has been featured in Cosmo, and Oprah Magazine, but what was interesting to me is that she has designed products for Restoration Hardware and Red Envelope.

If you don’t fall in love with the products, it’s hard not to fall in love with the packaging.  I am a lover of all things beautiful, and I so admire those who create beautiful things.  Margot Elena creates distinctive signature packaging that elevates the already lovely contents.

I will add a tube of this hand cream (and a little perfume) to my purse for this spring.

Give Lollia a try to brighten up your spring and summer

Xoxo Melrose & Co

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